Vito Catania

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Vito Catania

Street Address: 203 Dante Avenue, Tuckahoe 10707

Race: Eastchester Trustee

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Family: My wife Chris and I have lived in Eastchester for over 30 years. Our son Joseph, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and went through the Eastchester School system from kindergarten through 12th grade. I am currently in my 6th term on the BOE and I was first elected to the Board in 1996.

Residency: Tuckahoe, NY

Incumbent?: Yes

Ballot lines:

Education: Fordham University - BA Mathematics Fordham University - MBA Finance

Occupation: Verizon Communications - Senior Staff Consultant - Information and Technology

Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?
The Eastchester community has provided me the privledge of serving on tha school board for 6 terms now during which the district schools have become among the best in performance and value in Westchester County and the state. I feel it is an obligation to continue in that role during these difficult economic times with the focus on continuing to improve on our successes.

What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?
My background in business management, finance, operations, planning, facilities and labor relations have had a positive effect on the district, and I believe I can continue to add value to a board of education which should always maintain a diversity of views and opinions.

What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?
It is our responsibility to ensure that the District continues to provide the best possible education for all students at an affordable cost to the taxpayer. The Board must assess, evaluate and modify our programs on a regular basis to be sure that we meet the high standards that have come to define the Eastchester School District.
The impact of the poor economy over the past 6 years has taken its toll. However, despite staff and spending reductions, we continue to offer students an excellent program where ALL students continue to excel.
My 3 goals are:
Maintain a positive view of the tax cap legislation as we analyze our spending and cost effectiveness;
Maintain and improve our strong academic programs and opportunities for all students;
Continue to remain focused on the long term impact of our decisions towards our goal to prepare students for the expectations of the 21st century and a more global experience.

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