Melba Caliano

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Melba Caliano

Street Address: 14 Westview Ave., Tuckahoe

Race: Tuckahoe Trustee

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Political and civic experience: Other than community volunteer efforts, no specific political experience.

Age: 60

Family: Prefer not to answer

Residency: Tuckahoe, NY

Incumbent?: No

Ballot lines:

Other ballot lines:
Republican, Conservative

Education: B.A., Brooklyn College, C.U.N.Y., NY, NY; Graduate Studies in Urban Planning, Columbia University, NY, NY; J.D., Gonzaga University Law School, Spokane, Washington

Occupation: Senior Attorney, NYS Education Department

Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?

I believe the main issues facing Tuckahoe are - keeping taxes in check and maintaining financial stability in these difficult budgetary times for smaller municipalities, finding additional fiscal efficiencies in our budget, public safety, and keeping our village character and identity. I believe that my longstanding community involvement (Commissioner, Planning Board; Former Chair of the Master Plan Committee; Former Volunteer & Organizer of the Tuckahoe Business Advisory Council; various community events), will enable me to effectively address those issues. As a member of the Planning Board, there have been times when it is clear that our village codes no longer serve our needs and need revision - my legal analysis and drafting skills can help craft more appropriate codes.

What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?

I bring several key perspectives that can help manage our village better - my 9 years/'/ service on the Village Planning Board including my planning training and skills which have given me a bird/'/s eye view how thoughtful, careful planning can improve our village and retain property values; my 25 years/'/ experience as an attorney and hearing officer which includes the ability to manage the competing interests of all participants while making sure that all participants have an opportunity to be heard, and negotiating skills when necessary; being a member of the PEF/PS&T Union subject to a collective bargaining contract; and my community involvement which has given me the opportunity to hear from our residents.

What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?

1. Continually review our budget for further fiscal efficiencies in order to remain within the State-imposed 2%% tax cap while preserving current village services. Take another look at the recommendatuions made by the 2013 Budget Committee for additional fiscal efficiencies.

2. Explore the possibility of a Village Manager position.

3. Secure funding to modify the Master Plan to examine the Marbledale Avenue corridor in more detail. This effort can extend the charm of our current village character to those last developable parcels of land. I believe that by maintaining our village/'/s character we can increase property values that, in turn, will make our village a destination for business.

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