Andrew Goodwillie

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Andrew Goodwillie

Street Address: White Ave

Race: South Nyack Trustee

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Incumbent?: No

Ballot lines:

Other ballot lines:
Village People's Party

Education: Doctorate in geophysics, University of Oxford.

Occupation: Scientist

Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?
I want to do my part to promote a strong, vibrant, fiscally-sound community. The village faces many complex issues and a Trustee must collaborate with other board members to act in the best interests of its residents. With my proven track record of working with the village and my Planning Board experience, I can hit the ground running.

What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?
As a member of the South Nyack Planning Board, I/'/m certified by the Rockland County Municipal Planning Federation. I contribute to the village newsletter, have attended village land development and TZ bridge stakeholder meetings and work closely with the Board of Trustees for the benefit of our community. I work part-time at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory as a scientist with a doctorate in geophysics and have a long history of carefully synthesizing data and information to arrive at objective, well-informed decisions.

What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?
Improve village communication to engage residents in village affairs: We must initiate annual townhall community meetings open to all village residents. Meeting agendas and minutes for board meetings will be posted on-line. Village web pages and social media will be updated with relevant content. With better communication, residents will become more aware of the issues we face in our community.

Maximize benefits of bridge construction and improve Mass Transit: We must work hard to maximize the bridge benefits to residents whilst minimizing the construction disruption - decisions we make now will have an impact for generations to come. I will work closely with the South Nyack Village TZ Bridge Task Force and with other trustees to ensure that our voice is heard. The village Feasibility Study will help us plan and guide the long-term redevelopment of Exit 10. Mass transit buses need to be better - I will work to add extra buses at peak hours and provide real-time bus information to commuters.

Healthy environment, healthy budget: I keenly support actions that promote a clean and healthy environment. Weekly recycling pick-ups will be started. I have already worked with Trustees to establish a centralized collection of electronic waste (watch for details in April!) as well as a program to install recycle bins in our parks and bus stops. I aim to re-start the home composting program and revitalize the tree committee. On the village budget, I will continue the excellent economically-responsible work and sound financial management that the trustees have fostered.

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