Marianne Gilland

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Marianne Gilland

Street Address: 950 Highland Ave., Pelham 10803

Race: Pelham Trustee

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Political and civic experience: One three-year term on the Pelham UFSD Board of Education, 2011-2014.

Family: Husband, Jim. Children: Colin (27), James (24), Margie (17).

Residency: 28-year resident of Pelham Manor.

Incumbent?: Yes

Ballot lines:

Education: Hamilton College, BA 1979.

Occupation: Currently a stay-at-home Mom.

Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?
Want to continue the good work of the Board after hiring a new superintendent. It takes most of the first term to become well-versed in school board matters. I now have the expertise to contribute in a more meaningful way during a second term.

What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?
I have the time to devote to the important work of a school board. My background in finance and investments is a benefit to the taxpayer as well as the school district.

What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?
We need to continue our advocacy efforts so we can provide an outstanding education in the face of mandated costs and programming. The work we are doing on the District/'/s Strategic Plan will shape the next several years and guide our curriculum. The Board/'/s communication efforts and cooperation with the community will continue to grow. The benefits have already been substantial.

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