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Fiduciary Trust Company
assistant vice president for tax operations
Where Died
World Trade Center

During the last decade, Walter S. Cramer and his wife Lynne have found it difficult dealing with the anniversary of Christopher's death.

"One year we had to go away, it was so bad," Walter S. Cramer said sitting in his home office adorned with photos of his son. "It has not gotten any better; it's something you never forget. You can't escape it. We gave up trying to go away, because it's something that you cannot run from."

Cramer was sitting in his office in Hoboken when the attacks on the South Tower of the World Trade Center happened. He called Chris.

"I remember him saying 'Dad I cannot talk now; we are being evacuated,' and that was the last time I talked to him," Walter Cramer said.

Christopher Cramer commuted more than 200 miles a day to work at the World Trade Center as the vice president of tax operations for Fiduciary Trust Company International.

In honor of their son and other victims of the terrorist attacks, the Cramers put a bench on the bay side of Fourth Street in Ship Bottom.

"We keep it up every year," Cramer said. "Christopher loved the water and this is a great way to honor his memory. We go down there once a year and just sit and remember what happened."

- Nicholas Huba

Cramer is survived by his mother Lynne Cramer and his father Walter S. Cramer; brothers Walter H. Cramer, Jackson; Marc Cramer, Manahawkin; and Keith Cramer, Tampa, Fla.; his sister Susan Kinney of Manahawkin.

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