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World Trade Center

When Dennis Cook was killed in the 2001 World Trade Center attack, his wife Dana turned to her fellow widows for support.
They called themselves the "Survivor Sisters," a group of about 15 women from Monmouth and Middlesex counties who bonded over the great loss they shared - the deaths of their partners that tragic day.

As the bad news rolled in - and there was a lot of bad news back then - the women rallied together. As a group, they met once a week, Dana - now Dana Donohue - recalled.

"We were just all there for each other," said Donohue, 42, of Colts Neck.

Ten years on, the group no longer meets, though Donohue still tries to maintain contact with the women.

"Everyone slowly started to move on," said Donohue.

In 2004 Donohue married again, this time to Michael Donohue. Already the mother of two girls, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

Time has been a great healer but, for Donohue, some scars still remain 10 years on.

She doesn't like to travel without her family, and visiting New York City, where she grew up, is difficult.

"Now, I don't even like driving through the tunnel," she said.

Cook's death may have left Donohue with lingering fears, but it has also given her a new perspective on life.
"You realize what's important...I think you realize how precious life is," said Donohue.

- Kim Predham Lueddeke

Wife Dana; daughters Sophia and Lindsay; mother Judith Gates Cook; brothers David R. Cook Jr., and Patrick G. Cook

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