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Euro Bankers
Assistant vice president in international money trading
Where Died
World Trade Center

Jack Connolly would be at his desk on the 84th floor - according to an online memorial on - by 3:30 a.m. each day. He need to hit his business-related "home runs" in the early morning hours as he worked his contacts in markets located in Tokyo or London, for example.

But his schedule also allowed him to "touch down' back at his home in the Allenwood section of Wall Township in time to be a coach for his children's soccer teams.

According to an online memorial first published in the Chicago Tribune, Connolly would spend 10 hours or more each week working on his lawn, to the point where neighbors said his efforts were embarassing them. They could not compete.

But Dawn didn't think it was about competition. She knew how hard Jack worked in his windowless office on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center.

"I think it was just relaxing for him being outside, away from the craziness of trading,' she said at the time.

- Carol Gorga Williams

Connolly was known as "The Rocket' when he played as part of the Woodpeckers for the Freehold Men's League Softball Team.
He and his wife, the former Dawn Ann O'Brien had three children, daughter Dineen and two sons, John Patrick and Patrick Liam Craig; brother, Kevin; sisters Marie Khan and Eileen Haggerty.

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