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World Trade Center

Diane Conde has recently been thinking about downsizing, moving out of the four-bedroom Sami Court Colonial she shared with her husband of 31 years, the late Albert Conde.

It's moments like these, when it's time to make the big decisions -- buying a car, selling the house -- that she still feels a little overwhelmed, even now. But it passes.

"There's all these decisions coming up and you always had somebody to bounce it off of," Diane Conde says. "But you handle it the best you can. I'm getting better at it."

Hard to dwell in grief when you have a bright-eyed 6-year-old keeping you busy most days, says Conde.

Her grandson, Albert Joseph, bears the name of his late grandfather; family and friends call him A.J. and Diane Conde cares for him during the school year while her daughter, Stephanie Tedeschi, 31, of Marlboro, works as a teacher in Belmar schools.

A.J. never knew his grandfather; but he knows enough about him, from family and friends. They speak of him often, Diane Conde said.

"My husband always had three or four standard jokes he would tell all the time; every so often one of my sons will do something and it's just so Al. We'll say, 'That's such a Daddy thing,'" Conde said. "There's sadness. But now, it's not so much sadness. It's really remembering the happy times."

And there are more good times to come for the Condes: Diane Conde's son Matthew, 37, of Jackson, and his wife are expecting their first baby. Life goes on.

The family plans to attend Sept. 11 services in Marlboro, where Albert Conde's name has been engraved on the township's Sept. 11 memorial. They'll follow that with a 5 p.m. Mass at St. Gabriel's Church in the township.

"And then everything's back to normal," Diane Conde says. "Kids go back to school. Everybody's back to work ... Life picks up again."

- Alesha Williams Boyd

Albert Conde, 62, was scheduled to meet someone on the 103rd floor of Tower 2 in the World Trade Center for a business meeting on the morning of the attack. Conde, an insurance underwriter for AIG, was to meet with representatives of the Aon Insurance Co. when the first plane struck the center.
Conde is survived by his wife, Diane, three sons, Brian, 33, John, 33, and Matthew , 32, all of Jackson; and a daughter Stephanie Tedeschi, 31, of Howell.

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