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Cantor Fitzgerald
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Ramona Schroeder has heard the expression "time heals all wounds," but doesn't subscribe to it.

"I say to myself, 'time don't heal anything.' What happens is you learn how to live with the pain, and you have to understand that life has to go on, but the pain still is there," said Schroeder.

Schroeder's daughter, Lorraine Del Carmen Antigua, was 32 and working for Cantor Fitzgerald when she was killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

"Sometimes, if I'm driving and I listen to one of the songs she used to like or something like that, tears come to my eyes without me even expecting the tears to come out, just the thought about her, that she liked that song or whatever," said Schroeder. "So all these things happen and that's the way we deal with every day, as it goes by."

Antigua's two children, Aaron and Caitlin, are now 23 and 20, respectively, and are both attending college, said Schroeder, who lives in Davenport, Fla.

"They're doing good, they have a lot of friends, they have very good friends," Schroeder said of her grandchildren.

While 10 years have passed since the day she lost her daughter, Schroeder said during a telephone interview in August that she still has emotional ups and downs.

"It's hard; it's very, very hard. When you lose somebody you love so much, every day is a different day," she said. "One day you're very happy, one day you're very sad, you know? And today's one of those sad days."

- Alex Biese

Antigua got her first job in the financial district working for First Boston when she was 16.
Mother and stepfather, Ramona and Charles Schroeder; son, Aaron; daughter, Caitlin; ex-husband, Al Antigua; brothers, Louis and Richard Pineiro.

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