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Red Bank and Little Silver
Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc.
Junior trader, recently promoted to vice-president within his department
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tower two

In the years since Sept. 11, the family of Joao "J.J." Aguiar has learned about his actions that day through several accounts in various books about the attacks.
Aguiar was the only person from his office who did not make it out of the tower, said his sister, Monique Aguiar Bird, of Chico, Calif. He used to work for a different company in the same building, and he either called people in that office or went up there to tell his former co-workers to get out of the building, said Aguiar Bird, 44.
Aguiar Bird said she was married soon after Sept. 11, 2001 and wanted to start a family right away. She and her husband have a 7-year-old son, Griffyth.
They also started a daycare center.
"That was a direct result - I really wanted to be more involved in community and help children," she said.
J.J. was the middle child, born between two sisters. She said her sister, Taciana, has a son who is now 18 and misses Aguiar. But, she said, Sebastian Brunemier is just as smart as his uncle, and got a scholarship to Pitzer College in California.
Aguiar's grandfather, George Van Zile Bottrill, formerly of Rumson, was living in North Carolina when he died a number of years ago.
Aguiar Bird said two of their cousins, Troy Bottrill of New Jersey and Michael Bottrill of Arizona, were like brothers to Aguiar.
Troy Bottrill later joined the military and now has a 6-year-old son.
She believes he probably enlisted because of Sept. 11.
"He really felt he had an obligation to go and fight for his country," she said. "(And) I think he felt the way I did -- he started a family because of the lack of our favorite member of the family."

- Michelle Sahn

At the time of his death, he lived in Hoboken. His mother was raised in Rumson, and when he was a child his family lived in Red Bank and Little Silver before they moved to California, and later to Portugal.
Parents, Joao and Diane Aguiar; sisters, Monique Aguiar Bird and Taciana Aguiar; nephews Sebastian Brunemier and Griffyth J. Porter Bird; uncle Vic Bottrill; and cousins Michael and Troy Bottrill.

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