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Dennis O'Connor Jr.

STONY POINT - While some parents who lost children on 9/11 may feel sad because their relationship with their children could have been better, Charlene O'Connor, whose 34-year-old son, Dennis J. O'Connor Jr., perished that day, said she has no remorse.

"I think I've made it through the last 10 years because I had a great relationship with him," she said. "I had no regrets. Every time we spoke, we ended our conversation by saying, 'I love you.' "

In fact, it wasn't unusual for Dennis, an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, to meet his mother for lunch in the city or bring his father to a midtown bar for a drink.

The oldest of three boys, Dennis was close to his brothers, Billy and Chris, and was the brother they leaned on for good advice and encouragement. The brothers enjoyed attending Yankees games together and the family would always gather at their parents' Stony Point home for holidays.

Charlene O'Connor said it doesn't feel like 10 years since her son has passed. But what's gotten her through the past 10 years is what she has always lived for - her family.

"I'm good, I'm OK," she said. "I have two other sons and three grandchildren - two boys and a girl - and they keep me busy."

That her first grandson was born in 2002 helped ease the pain of her loss, she said.

"It definitely helped a little. It softened the blow," she said.

O'Connor said she would like to go to Ground Zero for the 10th anniversary but doesn't know if she will because she still does not feel safe there.

"If I were a tourist, I would be nervous to go there," she said. "I certainly don't want my family to go there. I don't feel this country protects us enough."

- Terence Corcoran
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He had been a two-sport athlete at North Rockland High School, competing on both the track and soccer teams.
Parents Dennis Sr. and Charlene of Stony Point. Brothers Billy and Chris.

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