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Rye Brook
Fuji Bank
General manager, Corporate Banking Division
Where Died
78th floor, South Tower
Kenichiro Tanaka

It was just another day when Noriko Tanaka got up early to drive her husband of 21 years, Kenichiro, to the Metro-North station in Rye. The general manager for Fuji Bank's corporate banking division was heading for the South Tower. It was their final goodbye.

He and 22 fellow employees were killed in the attacks. The bank's U.S. headquarters was on floors 79-82 and were hit directly when United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the tower.

Tanaka was 52. He spent 29 years with Fuji Bank, doing two-year stints in Toronto and Chicago before coming to New York and settling in Rye Brook. The father of three met his wife at Fuji Bank in Tokyo, where they both worked at the time.

Sumika Tanaka, the couple's oldest child, was attending college in Tokyo on Sept. 11, while Mizuki and Eugene were attending Blind Brook schools. Officials with the Blind Brook school district say they think the family has moved back to Japan.

- Mike Dougherty
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He was born in Tokyo and worked for Fuji Bank for 29 years. He came to New York City two years ago after he served two-year stays in Toronto and Chicago.
Wife, Noriko Tanaka; and three children, Sumika, Mizuki and Eugene.

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