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Robert L. Scandole Jr.

Robert Scandole Jr. was a family man, and his two daughters, Emma and Katie, were his world.

Days didn't really begin, said his wife, Sheila, 47, until 6:10 p.m., when the beloved father would walk through the front door of their home in Pelham.

They would eat dinner together, and he always read his daughters their bedtime stories and gave them their nighttime baths, she said.

The girls were just toddlers when they lost their father.

"I'm blessed to have them both," said Sheila, "because every day I look at them, and I see Rob."

The girls now leave messages for their father through website memorials, telling him about their lives and asking him for advice.

"People say I'm like you," posted Emma, now 14. She has become a social butterfly, participating in drama club and playing basketball and volleyball, said Sheila.

"Even though you might not always be beside me," posted Katie, now 12, "I know you will always be in my heart."

Katie has grown into a bright, kind, and funny young lady, and she loves to play basketball like her sister. Sheila said the girls' father would be proud.

She met Scandole in his hometown of Breezy Point, Queens, when she was 20.

"He was the love of my life," she said, "a beautiful man."

Sheila said the girls have grown close with the children of Scandole's best friend, Billy Dolan, 46 of New Jersey. Now, they spend time together on the beach in Scandole's hometown.

"We miss him unbelievably," said Sheila. "There's not a day that goes by that he's not in our thoughts."

- Charlene V. Martoni
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Scandole grew up in Breezy Point, Queens. He attended Archbishop Molloy High School and St. John's College. He worked at Cantor Fitzgerald with a group of close friends, and he lived in Pelham with his wife and kids.
Scandole was married to Sheila Scandole, now 47, and he had two daughters, Emma, now 14, and Katie, now 12.

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