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Cantor Fitzgerald
Senior Vice President
Where Died
Tower 1, Floor 104
Joseph Vilardo

Joseph Vilardo's father said his grandchildren are doing well and his daughter in law is hanging on as well.
"We'll never forget it but what can you say," Barry Vilardo said. "I will say Cantor Fiztgerald has been wonderful to my daughter in law and her children."
Vilardo said he's never gone to ground zero and doesn't want to.
"Its difficult to talk about,'' Vilardo said. "We are getting over it but what can you say. Look what it has led to over in Afghanistan. I'm a World War II vet,I served six years in the Pacifc."
He said his grandaughter Nicole is 29 and just about done with medical school while Matthew is 23 and he started his own business, in landscaping and is doing well."
"We are doing well but we miss Joe," Vilardo said. "We live in the past to a point but we have to look to the future."

- Joe Ungaro

Wife, Patricia, and two children: Nicole, was 19, Matthew, was 13. Father is Barry and mother is Ann Vilardo.

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