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Thomas M. Brennan

As Jennifer Brennan Waterhouse's children have grown older, they have begun asking more questions about their father, Thomas Brennan, who died in the 9/11 terror attacks a decade ago.

Words can convey the joy with which Brennan lived and how deeply he loved Catherine, who was just 17 months old on Sept. 11, 2001, and Thomas Jr., born six weeks after that day.

But Waterhouse wanted to be able to show them who their father was.

So, with 15 of Brennan's friends from his alma mater, Boston College, she started the Thomas M. Brennan Memorial Foundation. For nine years, the charity has provided scholarships to students.

"That's how they get a sense of who their father was," Waterhouse said of her children, now 11 and 9. "Seeing what his friends are willing to do in his memory."

Life after 9/11 was difficult for her. She was suddenly raising a family on her own, and was concerned about the health of Thomas Jr., who underwent open-heart surgery two days after his birth.

In the shadow of a world-changing event, Waterhouse said, her family has not only survived, but thrived.

She maintains a close relationship with Brennan's family and visits with his parents or his brothers and sisters about once a month.

Waterhouse, 41, remarried three years ago - to Larry Waterhouse III, an investment adviser - and the family, including her stepchildren, Anna, 14, and Larry IV, 12, live in Chappaqua.
Waterhouse shies away from most media coverage. She wants her children to remember - but to always move forward.

"Around this time of year, I look forward to Sept. 12, for it to be over," Waterhouse said. "My focus through the whole thing had been the children. I don't want (9/11) to be what defines them."

- Dwight R. Worley
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Wife, Jennifer Brennan Waterhouse; a daughter, Catherine Brennan; a son, Thomas Jr.; parents and siblings.

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